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North America’s first distilled spirit. The Spanish Conquistadors distilled it from the blue agave plant when they ran out of their stocks of brandy. The natives had long been fermenting the plant to make alcoholic beverages.

£3.40 Jose Cuervo Tradicional 38% (Mexico)

Tequila to sip

£3.60 Ocho Curado 40% (Mexico) An astonishing new Tequila from Ocho, this was created by the legendary Tomas Estes, and is the first of its kind. This incredible spirit is distilled as usual, before being infused with natural cooked agave.  The result of the infusion is increased caramel sweetness and richness, as well as lending the spirit a little extra colour.

£4 Tapatio Reposado 38% (Mexico) Tequila for cocktails, not for shooting. Lots of citrus, pepper and vanilla with a big hit of the agave itself. Smashing stuff.

£5.50 Don Julio Añejo 38% (Mexico) Sipping tequila is a very different proposition to shooting tequila. Cheap tequila is hurled down the neck almost as an endurance contest. This is fine liquor to be enjoyed and if you like sipping whiskey, rum or brandy then you’re about ready for this. Melon, oak and vanilla come through then lots of butterscotch. Lovely.

£12 Tapatio Excelencia Gran Reserva Extra Anejo 40% (Mexico) Holy smokes! This Tapatio tequila is incredible! The Tapatio Excelencia Gran Reserva Extra Añejo is matured for around four years. A combination of casks are used, depending on the batch, including French oak and American oak. Stunning stuff all round!



Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of the sacred agave plant native to Mexico. Myth states that the origin of the drinks originated when lightning struck an agave plant, which released its juices. This gave rise to the nickname ‘Elixir of the Gods’

£4.60 Vida Mezcal del Maguey 42% (Mexico) A single village Mezcal from the top producers Del Maguey, this stuff is twice distilled from 100% Agave Espadin, and it's bottled unblended in a "time-honoured" 400 year old way.

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