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Freedom Lager 4% £4.20

Easy drinking British lager.

Symonds Cider 4.5% £4.20

Traditional dry cider from Herefordshire.

Schneider Weisse Helle Weisse Tap 1 5.2% £5.50

German Wheat Beer, from the Wheat Beer Masters!

Pomona Island Pla-Ket-Ket-Ket-Ket 4.5% £5.70 2/3

Sloe, raspberry and blackberry gose. Nice and sour, but not ridiculously so.

Torrside Yellow Peak 4.2% £6

Classic American pale, easy drinking.

Pomona Island Luchini 7.1% £6.20 2/3

DDH IPA.  Bold flavours, whilst not too intense.

Rivington Void Space Ratio 7% £6.35 

Coffee stout, smooth coffee flavours with rich stout chocolate notes, very drinkable.

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