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Red Willow Headless 3.9% £3.60

A lovely, quaffable Pale ale with hoppy undertones and a slight citrus kick

Mobberley Sidekick 4.2% £4.00 

A clean and crisp ale with a hoppy finnish 

perfect for a quick pint or a session 

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Pomona Island 

Lager 4.8% £4.90 Ve

Pomonas own Lager Clean, crisp, refreshing and super smashable 

Pomona Island 

Factotum Pale 4% £5  Ve

Our mates Pomona core pale and our only fixed Craft line. Super chugger.  

Pomona Island X Deya 

Pouring Lizards 6.5% £5.60 2/3 Ve

This is a Jammy Rye IPA with Cryo Mosaic,
Centennial and Simcoe. A fruity, hoppy, sticky treat. Down the wire. From us to you

North Brew

Take Down Your Art 7.5% £6.15 2/3 Ve

Sour IPA

Pomona Island 

Cancion Mixteca 11% £5 1/3 

Super stout in collaboration with Northenn Monk with deep chocolaty notes and a sweet cinnamon finish


Breakfast club 2.0 6.9% 8.25

A fruity sweet stout with nice mouth feel, perfect for those with a sweet tooth 


Is something brilliant happening?  10.5%

£5  1/3 Ve

A massive TIPA with 5 different hops brewed in collaboration with Lervig, a must try for beer fans.


Phaedra 5.3% £5.75 Ve

A lovely core APA from Pomona with loads of fruity hoppy flavours and a stellar mouthfeel.

North Brewing co 

Sputnik 5% £6.15 Ve

A classic pale with nice amount of hoppy and fruity flavours 


Balegdah 6.5% £4.65 2/3 Ve

Grapefruit and pineapple sour with super fruity and a nice medium sourness perfect for a sour lover 

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